RCS Empowers, Inc.

Wigwam & RCS Collaboration

October 6, 2021
Changing Lives, One Sock At A Time

Wigwam Mills, Inc. and RCS Empowers, Inc. are collaborating to make a difference in the lives of others. Wigwam, a Sheboygan manufacturer of fine quality socks, and RCS are working together on a special sock project for charity.  

Socks that are considered “imperfect” by Wigwam are collected and delivered to RCS. The RCS Day Services Kindness class, one of a number of different classes focusing on daily living skills development and training for individuals with disabilities, completes the project. “Kindness class is a chance for our organization to give back to our community by doing various service projects,” said Lynn Justinger, RCS Human Services Manager.

“Wigwam receives requests from all over the country and provides these special sock pairs to 501c3 charities.  We are proud of our partnership with RCS.  Together we are taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment and warm the feet of people in need,” said Sharon Bruckschen, Director of Human Resources at Wigwam. Socks are the foundation of footwear. A good sock manages moisture, keeps the foot dry, and blister-free. Our partnership enables us to help others in need all across the country.

Socks that are considered “too imperfect” for the special sock project are being further repurposed. Wigwam is supporting a special RCS craft project using these socks to create Gnome figures. The Gnome figures bear the Wigwam name and will be for sale at the annual RCS Shine On fundraising event coming up in November. Visit https://rcsshineon.com to learn more about this holiday fundraising event, which supports the RCS mission to empower individuals with disabilities and special needs so that they may work, live, and function with dignity and respect.

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