RCS Empowers, Inc.

Shrink-Wrap Services for Area Businesses

February 24, 2022

Ensuring products arrive on shelves safely and properly packaged is a top priority for many businesses. As is timeliness (especially now when it seems as if everything is on backorder). RCS Empowers, Inc. can help area businesses with all of these priorities using its Texwrap Shrink Film Wrapper in its Wrapping Center. 

The “shrink tunnel,” as it is known internally, allows RCS to meet customers’ needs by shrink wrapping their products with efficiency and consistency. As a result, businesses can expect their product(s) to be plastic wrapped uniformly and ready to head to their next destination quickly. While the exact turnaround time depends on the product type and quantity, the conveyor belt system can run continuously with minimal set-up changes between products. This allows for a quick turnaround for most products. 

Due to the nature of the machine, it is at its best when handling bigger jobs since it essentially becomes more efficient the longer it is run. However, it is fully capable of handling smaller quantities, and the number of items a business has should not deter from using the RCS Wrapping Center. 

The shrink tunnel is one of the many services RCS offers that allows it to continue its mission. The participant workforce learns new skills with each project that comes in, allowing all participants the dignity of an exciting and worthwhile job. The fact that this service also assists area businesses is a bonus. 

The Wrap Center at RCS can help any business with a product that benefits from being shrink-wrapped. Standard items include prepackaged foodstuffs, bottles, small boxes, cartons, and disposable goods. If you already have a product in mind, set up a consultation with us to see how we can partner together.

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