RCS Empowers, Inc.

Show Your Employees They Are Valued This Holiday Season

October 29, 2022

As local businesses, we know how crucial it is to plan ahead for the holiday season, particularly when it comes to employee events and appreciation gifts. After all, there is quite a bit of logistics involved even with just a handful of employees. The bigger the company, the more planning it takes! This year, RCS Empowers wants to help you show appreciation to your employees through gift boxes. 

In today’s labor market, where jobs are in abundant supply, many employees stay with their job because they like the company culture. Things like work/life balance, giving back to the community, and benefits are huge. But part of that culture is also the business showing appreciation for their – the employees’ – hard work! This holiday season, partnering with RCS Empowers to create employee appreciation gift boxes is a thoughtful way to show your employees you care. 

RCS Empowers has wholesale purchasing power to customize and package gift boxes to fit your vision, preferences, and your budget.  You dream it up, and we’ll put it together! All of our gift boxes provide unique work and training opportunities for people with disabilities and special needs in Sheboygan County.

If you’re interested in benefiting the community while providing awesome appreciation gifts to your employees, please contact Nathaniel VandeLeest at nvandeleest@rcsempowers.com or 920-694-1200. He will be happy to discuss RCS’s employee appreciation gift boxes.

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