RCS Empowers, Inc.

RCS Hires Charcoal Inn
Familiar Faces

September 1, 2022

RCS is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Tracey Kaemmer and Laurie Sadlich as our two new Kitchen Specialists!  Tracey and Laurie both worked at the Charcoal Inn-North restaurant preparing food and serving customers for 30+ years. Their knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry will transfer very nicely into the RCS kitchen. Tracey and Laurie are very excited about their new roles at RCS and sharing their cooking talents with our participants. We are thrilled to have them both on our team!

If you are familiar with RCS Empowers, you’ll know that we offer day services for individuals needing a variety of care levels. And of course spending their days on site means they need tasty and nutritious food! Tracey and Laurie will be helping us continue a commitment to our participants – who we are positive will love their food! 

RCS recently purchased the property and building from the owner of Charcoal Inn in Sheboygan. At this time, RCS is determining a future plan for the property.

If you’re interested in supporting our mission or learning about volunteer opportunities, we encourage you to visit our website or simply reach out to our team at info@rcsempowers.com!

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