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RCS Helps Local Food and Beverage Brands

April 29, 2022

One of the great things about Sheboygan County is how many local businesses work with other local businesses! At RCS, we’re lucky to partner with many area businesses. Our services help their business, and, in turn, their business helps our participants and mission. This week we’re highlighting our food and beverage packaging services. We have built great partnerships within the community, including brands like 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. and Old Wisconsin Sausage. If the services detailed below sound good to you, let’s chat! 

RCS can box, label, pack, shrink wrap, bag, etc., any food and beverage items through our dedicated workstations. These workstations are specifically designed to ensure the safe and sanitary packaging of food-grade items. We will work with anyone producing pre-packaged food or beverage and have the facilities to do it! Our workstations and storage areas are climate controlled; we have plenty of space for overflow, and we do several quality checks throughout the process to ensure everything is correct.

RCS can work on a schedule that best meets your company’s needs, and turnaround times largely depend on your production schedule. At this time, we don’t have specific capacity restrictions, either, so don’t assume your product is too large! 

One of the great things about this and all the services we offer at RCS is that it helps our participants learn new job skills that they can use in future community employment. It also works to increase efficiency, meaning our employees are continually improving! 

We’d love to learn how we can support your food or beverage business. Please reach out to us at info@rcsempowers.com

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