RCS Empowers, Inc.

RCS Can Assemble Anything!

June 23, 2022

Have a project that needs “putting together” but you just can’t seem to find the time? Let RCS help! As part of our light assembly division, we’re able to take on a variety of projects. Whether your project has 2 parts per package or 200 parts per package, we’d love to help. Need something more long term than a one-off project? We can help there too! One of the benefits of using RCS for your business’s light assembly needs is our flexibility. 

RCS can get light assembly projects on the production schedule quickly, so you won’t lose ground if time is of the essence. In the past, we’ve put together holiday gift baskets, ice fishing augers, and even large scale pieces of machinery. There’s truly no limit to what we’ll help put together. 

By using RCS for your light assembly needs, our participants get to learn new skills, meet new people, and develop new talents. This area is often a favorite with participants as it’s a role where you truly get to see a project from start to finish.  There is a huge amount of pride that comes in completing work like this. By choosing RCS, you’re helping us empower others. We encourage you to get in touch with Nathaniel VandeLeest if you’d like to discuss a light assembly project.

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