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Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Programs For Life Enrichment

Our specialized services focus on enriching the daily lives of our participants. From art therapy to our annual play everyone is able to find services that fit their unique interests and support needs.

Virtual Learning

RCS Connects is a virtual learning service offered Monday-Friday using a secure online platform. Participants can participate in a variety of classes throughout the week to engage in learning and social opportunities safely from the comfort of their home.

Birth to Three Program

The Birth to Three Program offers a coordinated plan of services for eligible infants and toddlers with developmental delays and could include those diagnosed with cognitive delays, physical impairments, sensory problems, speech and language delays, or emotional disturbances. 

After Hours

Something new and exciting is always happening with RCS After Hours Special Events! Each month a variety of activities are held primarily in the evening and on weekends. Choose from an abundance of popular events such as ladies night out, guys night out, book club, or arts and crafts.

Therapeutic Art Program

Perhaps… One of the many life enriching programs offered is art.  RCS employs a therapeutic art specialist who can assist people with disabilities in helping to improve overall mental health by alleviating stress and anxiety through art and expression.

Aktion Club

The Sheboygan Aktion Club was created in April 2014 at RCS and is sponsored by the Greater Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls Kiwanis Clubs. This member driven group of adults with disabilities is passionate about providing ways to “give back” to their community. They conduct fundraisers, perform service projects, build leadership abilities, as well as gain visibility and respect for the positive impact they create in their own lives and the lives of others.

Annual Play

Our annual play empowers individuals with dignity, self-esteem, respect, humor and knowledge. It contributes to their love of the theater, music, and the arts! Truly a community event, the annual play is an endeavor which brings together actors and actresses, with and without disabilities.

Serving Our Mission

Supporting People With Disabilities

RCS provides an array of services to children and adults with disabilities including Birth to Three, Day Services, After Hours Special Events, and Employment Services which can include job exploration, preparation, placement, and job coaching.

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