RCS Empowers, Inc.

2023 Employment Blog

Community employment is an integral part of carrying out the RCS mission, “To empower individuals with disabilities and special needs so they may work, live and function with dignity and respect.” 

The RCS Employment Services team is very pleased to share the successful outcomes of 2022.  This team assisted participants in obtaining 90 jobs within the Sheboygan County community, and exceeded their original placement goal of helping to obtain 60 jobs.  Employers in Sheboygan County understand the importance of a diverse workforce and value the employees that are referred from RCS.   This is evidenced by the relationships formed with over 24 new employers that have either not worked with RCS before to find qualified candidates or have not done so for the past 5 years.

Lastly, the Employment Services team prides itself on making great job matches and providing support at the start of new employment opportunities.  This resulted in 14 individuals being successfully closed out of services all together, due to the success and the support that they receive on the job.  Thank you to the employers of Sheboygan County for the ongoing partnership with RCS and seeking out candidates with unique abilities to help fulfill employment needs.
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