RCS Empowers, Inc.

ARTS for ALL Offers New Avenues for Creative Expression

Wisconsin Initiative Gives New Venue for RCS Empowers Participants 

Every other year, RCS Empowers, Inc. hosts an art show to allow its participants to share their art with the community. This annual event gives participants access to the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes with passionately using their gifts. A growing Wisconsin non-profit organization is expanding those opportunities not only for RCS participants but also children and adults with disabilities throughout Wisconsin.  



ARTS for ALL Wisconsin is a newly renamed but long-standing organization whose mission is to expand the capabilities, confidence, and quality of life for children and adults with disabilities throughout Wisconsin by providing programs in the arts. They began as a member of the Very Special Arts Affiliate Network, which started its work in the 1970s. A complete history of the organization can be found here.  


ARTS for ALL Wisconsin has a wide range of programming commensurate with its years of service to the state and disabled community. Art classes from painting to music to theater are available for people with disabilities ages 16 and up at their Madison Art Center. They also offer programming for veterans and adults with early-stage memory diseases, as well as running various choirs across the state. 


For many adults with disabilities, ARTS for ALL Wisconsin offers their only chance to showcase and sell their art. The organization represents adults with disabilities at multiple venues, including its own gallery on the north side of Madison. Perhaps most importantly, the creators of the art receive 70% of the proceeds from any sales. 


Each year, the organization makes a “Call for Art.” Any person over the age of five residing in Wisconsin who identifies as disabled may submit an original creation of either a visual medium or a poem. Arts professionals judge the submitted works, and selected winners have their art entered into a special traveling exhibition that moves throughout the state. This is an excellent 

opportunity for those not local to the Madison area to participate in the organization’s mission. 


RCS Participation 

Following our 2022 RCS Art Show this past September, we celebrated many pieces of artwork, and many participants received awards. Afterward, we submitted twelve works to ARTS for ALL Wisconsin for their 2023 Creative Power Showcase. Below are the names of the participants who submitted their work to the showcase. 


We are very excited to share that one of our artists, Richard Sherman, was chosen as an Honored Artist and received the Merit Award in the adult category. His piece titled “Watch Out for the Window” used various materials, and Richard particularly enjoyed using wood pieces to make all of the windows. Recently Richard was joined by his family at the showcase’s awards ceremony in Madison, WI, where he received recognition for his achievement and the chance to celebrate himself and his artwork.


RCS Participants in 2023 Creative Power Showcase



Title of Piece



Sorrell Anderson

“Captain Thunder”

3D Art


Tootie Backhaus

“This is Good”

Gel Pens


Brandon Dippel

“Fall Time Rut”

Pencil Drawing


Brady Farnsworth


Digital Art


Peggy Hansen


Colored Pencil Drawing


Brazzy Hildebrand

“Diagon Alley”

Acrylic and Marker


Michael Meinnart

“Bamboo Plants”

India Ink/Watercolor


David Romanoski

“Peek-a-Boo Donkey”

Digital Photography


Jessie Schrimpf


3D Art


Kelly Seider

Demon Slayer II”

Acrylic Painting


Richard Sherman

“Watch Out for the Window”

Mixed Media


Lisa Steger

“Mona Lisa”

Mixed Media Drawing


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